Terms of Use

conditions of use, the online shop Médi-paddle-health
The site is the property of the company Médi-paddle-health in its totality, as well as the whole of the related rights there. Any reproduction, integral or partial, are systematically subjected to the authorization of the owners.
1. Acceptance of the conditions:
The customer admits having taken knowledge, at the time of the placing of order, the particular conditions of sale stated on this screen and expressly states to accept them without reserve. The present general terms of sale govern the contractual relations between Méd-paddle-health and its customer, the two parts the acceptor without reserve. These general terms of sale will prevail on all other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary exemption, fast and written.
2. Products:
The photographs illustrating the products, do not enter the contractual field. So errors were introduced there, to in no case, the responsibility for Médi-paddle-health could not be committed. The majority of the offered products to its customers by Médi-paddle-health are available in our supplier.
3. Order
The systems of automatic recording are regarded as being worth proof, of nature, the contents and the date of the order. Médi-paddle-health confirms the acceptance of its order to the customer at the address e-mail that this one will have communicated. The sale will be concluded only as from the confirmation of order. Médi-paddle-health reserves the right to cancel any order of a customer or to require all supporting documents on the identity of the customer or his bank account with which would exist a litigation relating to the payment of an order. The information stated by the purchaser, at the time of the order taking engages this one: in the event of error in the wording of the contact of the recipient, Médi-paddle-health could not be held responsible for the impossibility in which it could be to deliver the product.
4. Delivery
After confirmation of order, Médi-paddle-health begins to deliver in its shipping company, all the articles ordered by the purchaser, except rupture on one or the totality of the order. The shipping company is committed by contract with Médi-paddle-health delivering the order intended for the purchaser provided by Médi-paddle-health within a 48/72 hour maximum delay worked in France and under 7/10 days in Europe.
Moreover for the deliveries out of the Metropolitan France, the customer commits himself regulating all the taxes due to the product imports, customs duty, tax on the added-value, and all other taxes due under the terms of the laws of the country of reception of the order. All the orders placed with Médi-paddle-health are intended for the personal use of the customers, Médi-paddle-health emerges in fact of all legal responsibilities if the payment of the taxes were not carried out by the customer. The delivery will be carried out by La Poste in Followed Colissimo, EXAPAQ: not HERE RELAY, working days. Are regarded as emergency discharging Médi-paddle-health from its obligation to deliver, the war, the riot, the fire, the strikes, the accidents and impossibility of being supplied. The goods always travel to the risks and dangers of the recipient, always check your parcel on arrival. You have a 48 hours deadline to make possible reserves near the carrier in the event of lack or degradation.
5. Retractation
You have 7 days (as from the reception of the articles) to cancel your order. In the event of exchange or refunding, it (them) article (S) nine (S) must be in its (their) packing of origin sealed, intact by informing us by e-mail with: mediaube.sante@gmail.com.
Refunding will intervene in the 30 Days, after reception of the goods and the mail of retractation.
To proceed then as follows:

1 To make your claim by e-mail by specifying well the reason (exchange, reason cancellation)
2 - You will receive under 48 hours e-mail to which the document of acceptance of return will be joined.
3 - Send to us your article by postal parcel with your expenses, in its packing with obligatorily the document of acceptance of return which you will have first printed paper form.
6. Price
The price is expressed in euros including all taxes. The price indicated on product descriptions does not understand transport. The price indicated in the confirmation of order is the price final, expressed all inclusive of tax and including the VAT for France and the countries of the EEC.
7. Payment
The price invoiced with the customer is the price indicated on the confirmation of order addressed by Médi-paddle-health. The price of the products is payable the cash the day of the effective.